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ift seminar in English on 17 and 18 July in Rosenheim

On 17 and 18 July, the two-day seminar "Installation of windows and front doors" will take place in Rosenheim in English. The main criteria for professional planning, tendering and execution including sealing and fastening on the basis of the English “Guideline for installation” and the application are shown using practical examples. For window manufacturers, fitters and craftsmen from the window and door industry, the seminar offers interesting tips for the practical implementation of installation.

Modern window constructions offer optimum thermal, solar and sound insulation as well as high safety and usability. However, this quality can only be achieved if the installation is carried out professionally. Otherwise structural damage, reclamations and thus financial losses as well as image damage are the result – not only for the assembly company, but also for the window manufacturer. For this the companies need trained installation personnel.

The two-day basic seminar "Installation of windows and front doors" in English provides the knowledge for professional planning and execution of the fastening, sealing and insulation on the basis of the static and physical building principles, which are taught in a scientifically sound and practical manner. The basis is the English “Guideline for installation”.

The seminar is aimed at national and international installation companies, window manufacturers, fitters and craftsmen from the fields of fastening and sealing.

The registration form and further information on the seminar can be found at www.bit.ly/installation-seminar

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ift Rosenheim is a notified European testing, surveillance and certification body with international accreditation, according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. The core activities at ift Rosenheim include practical, holistic and fast testing and assessment of all characteristics of windows, facades, doors, gates, glazing and construction materials. Its goals include sustainable improvement of product quality, design, and technology as well as work on standardisation and research. Certification by ift Rosenheim assures you of acceptance all over Europe. At ift, we are committed to providing knowledge and as an unbiased institution, ift Rosenheim enjoys a special status with the media – the publications document the current state-of-the-art technology.

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