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Homeowners to get their FENSA certificates faster

FENSA has announced it is to launch a new and improved service for homeowners that will see FENSA certificates dispatched faster.

FENSA, the UK’s largest and longest established Competent Person Scheme, issues FENSA Building Regulations certificates for replacement windows and doors that have been installed since 1st April 2002.

A FENSA certificate verifies that an installation has been carried out by a FENSA registered installer, and consequently that it complies with building regulations. As well as providing the homeowner with peace of mind about their installation, the certificate will be a necessity if they wish to sell their property.

Now homeowners and installers are set to benefit from an accelerated certification system. Acting on feedback from FENSA members as well as their customers, FENSA will soon introduce a new process that streamlines certificate dispatch times and gets them in homeowners’ hands faster.

Chris Beedel, Director of Membership, FENSA, explained that the new process is in the process of being implemented.

“We listened to our customers and are responding with a change to our service that will benefit homeowners and installers,” said Chris Beedel.

As a result FENSA expects to see a reduction in the number of homeowners asking installers for their certificate, saving its members time on administration. Homeowners will also receive their FENSA certificates more than 50% faster than they currently do, giving them evidence of compliance for their installations at minimum delay and making life easier for those wishing to sell their properties.

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