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New HST Technologies Launched by HEGLA

The HEGLA Group recently further demonstrated its commitment to providing excellence in the field of glass machinery solutions with its acquisition of Boraident GmbH - a company recognised for its expertise in Heat Soak Testing verification, marking and laser technology. For the UK market this creates greater confidence in industry standards due to proven, patented technology.

The newly created HEGLA boraident GmbH offers customers solutions regarding spontaneous glass breakage, which occurs without warning and without any apparent reason. The expertise of the company will help customers reduce the likelihood of spontaneous toughened glass breakage using the patented and fully certified HST procedure which encompasses an ink dye and colour change to prove the heat soak test has taken place.

The heat soak process is applied in a chamber that is subjected to temperatures from 280 - 300°C (540 – 570 F) over a 2 - 4 hour time period. This treatment causes any NiS to expand and will lead to the breakage of an infected glass pane. The HST process minimises the chance of infected glass panes being delivered and subsequently suffering from spon-taneous breakage.

Sophisticated technology

n HST checkmarker® pen is a thermocromic and UV active ink which demonstrates that the Heat Soak Test has taken place. It is applied directly onto the tin side of the glass surface and during the production process, the colour will change from blue to white with a permanent invisible UV mark made on the glass. The white surface coat is visible to the naked eye after testing but is easily removed leaving the UV, resistant fluorescent mark inside the glass, which is only visible under 254 nm UV light. The fluorescent marking remains on the product for the duration of its lifetime.

HEGLA Boraident GmbH will retain all employees and the specialist patents will be absorbed into the new company.

Unified Expertise

The two companies are linked by their expertise in glass, having collaborated on numerous projects previously. HEGLA Boraident GmbH is a mechanical engineering specialist company which focuses on glass laser marking, structure and function. Additionally the range includes technical applications and products for identifying machine readable codes, as well as the laser assisted production of glass diaphragms and test systems for glass sensors.

HEGLA CEO Jochen H. Hesselbach, stresses that Boraident’s expertise in laser technology for glass will be retained and sees a bright future for the new division.

Mr Hesselbach comments: “We have known the Boraident team for many years, and have enjoyed an extremely constructive, working partnership with them.”

As part of the new company, Dr. Johann Dorner and Dr. Thomas Rainer will hold key posi-tions as experts in their field and believe that HEGLA will create a strong platform on which to establish existing and new technologies.

Strong Foundations

On the formation of the new company, HEGLA CFO Bernhard Hötger, commented: “The first step will be to offer machine-readable laser marking options on our cutting systems.

Beyond that, the laser technology will allow us to get a lot closer to our Industry 4.0 vision. Consistent use of glass laser marking allows each sheet to be clearly identified at any time whilst also fully digitising the entire production process.”

Steve Goble, Managing Director HEGLA UK considers the company’s laser expertise will develop more quickly and will place the company ahead of competitors with the laser cutting of laminated safety glass now due to arrive to the market more quickly.

For over 40 years HEGLA has been a technological pioneer in automated glass cutting and storage solutions, developing its range to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding glass market. Diversifying its range to include loading, residual sheet handling and sorting systems HEGLA has now forged ahead with new technologies that will help to maintain its leading market position in an increasingly competitive market.

For more information on the new technologies available from HEGLA please call Steve Goble on 01908 261933 or visit the website www.hegla.de

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