Add a splash of colour for windows with a WOW factor

The latest colour laminates and spray finishes from REHAU are opening up a whole new world of possibilities for installers looking for exciting, innovative options for PVC-U window and door installations.

Colour windows can transform the exterior look and style of a property and research shows they now account for one in four PVC-U window installations. In the past, foils have been limited to wood effects, like Mahogany, Rosewood and Golden Oak but the latest trends are for more contemporary shades of black and grey to mimic the minimalist look of aluminium windows. These darker shades soften the appearance of sightlines and give a modern look to any property.

South Wales based windows and door fabricators GRM are leading the colour revolution from the front. As one of the few REHAU sole accredited Acryl II colour coating system specialists and an active user of REHAU’s laminate foils collection, which has been recently expanded to include Midnight Black, the company’s darkest ever foil.

GRM recently completed its first ever Midnight Black installation at a private home in Bridgend. The new colour was first launched by REHAU at this year’s (2017) FIT Show and has been well received with the first installations now taking place around the country. GRM’s first customer to select the Midnight Black did so due to its contemporary look. Initially the private home owner opted for the Black Brown but the Midnight Black offered a smoother finish instead of a grained effect.

All REHAU high performance foil finishes are durable, scratch resistant and can be easily cleaned so they look newer for longer. The laminate is also resistant to UV light, heat and the weather so the colour won’t deteriorate or fade over time.

But it’s not just laminates which can produce the colour effects that customers want and GRM is also an authorised user of REHAU’s Acryl II innovative colour coating system. Available in over 150 different colours from the RAL palette, profiles or ready fabricated windows can be coated with the special polyurethane acrylic for a lasting, weather and scratch resistant finish. As GRM are accredited by REHAU to offer this service, the Acryl II finish comes with a 10-year colour fast guarantee.

The advantage of using Acryl II to colour the windows is that every aspect of the window can be painted including the ancillary elements, like the handles, trickle vents and inside the gaskets, plus the inside of the windows which would normally be left as white, even with a laminate on the external profile. GRM recently completed an installation where the customer wanted the windows to be wholly grey, inside and out, and the simplest way to achieve this was by using Acryl II spray colour.

The Acryl II paint system can also be used to back paint glass, opening up even more possibilities, particularly for PVC-U doors.

Richard Gambling, managing director at GRM said: “Colour finishes for PVC-U is one of the most exciting things to happen to the glazing industry, and with consumer demand on the up, there is huge scope for this to develop further in the future.

“We may have moved away from timber windows, but people still like the idea of being able to paint their windows in the shade or colour that they like and with the REHAU technology we have, we can offer that service to anyone getting new PVC-U windows fitted.”

Meg Durrell, Product Assistant at REHAU said: “As the windows and door market moves increasingly towards premium products and higher value installations, it’s worth talking to customers about colours to transform standard PVC-U windows spec into a statement installation.

“As well as adding value to the specification, colours give customers the choice to have the windows that best suit their property and their personal taste and with so many finishes available, they are bound to find the one that is right for them.”


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