Inagas and SafeGuard Celebrate 15 Years of Quality

SafeGuard Glass and Glazing, one of the UK’s leading sealed unit manufacturers has been working with Inagas, the fenestration industry’s leading supplier of gas filling and testing solutions, for more than 15 years to help maintain its excellent reputation for quality, consistency and reliability.

Nick Welsh, Managing Director of SafeGuard explains: “We have been an Inagas customer for over 15 years and have remained faithful to them due to the fact they can always meet our expectations when it comes to our offline gas filling and testing requirements. Our first purchase form them was an IGA 10, which at the time provided us with a solution for single line Argon filling. Through the years equipment has developed and we have upgraded to faster and dual fill solutions to better fit with our manufacturing demands. As well as gas filling, we also invested in a Sparklike handheld testing device a number of years ago, as quality and compliance are driving factors for us. Our most recent purchase of a Mulitfill-2 gives us the capability to fill using both Argon and Krypton gases simultaneously if required, both lines with variable flow control, with reliable accuracy at a fast fill rate.

“For SafeGuard, customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do and we genuinely feel the same applies to Inagas. They are a UK based company providing competitively priced gas filling solutions that meet the demands of the current marketplace. But aside from that, they have always been approachable and responsive to any issues we may have had and can always provide a solution.”


Since 1992, Inagas has led the way in gas filling. The majority of today’s market who gas fill are using Inagas products.

With years of experience in offering its customers a range of gas fillers to suit all levels of production, Inagas is expertly placed to provide customers with specialist advice and practical solutions for gas filling with any type of spacer bar and sealant combination. Offering the latest developments in their extensive range of Argon, Krypton and Xenon gas fillers, including touch screen controls and proven design features.

More people are choosing Inagas to ensure high performance gas filling machines, reliable and affordable test equipment provided with expert advice and practical solutions.

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