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GGF relaunches Security Glazing Publications

The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) has relaunched two updated security glazing leaflets.

The revised “Laminated Glass: Safety and Security” and “Toughened Glass: Safety and Strength” leaflets are now available to download free from the GGF website and printed copies can be purchased on the GGF Shop.

These newly revised consumer leaflets are designed to give homeowners basic knowledge of the glass installed in their homes.

Each brochure gives details of why and where, respectively, toughened and laminated glass should be installed.

Each week the GGF receives many queries from homeowners requesting information on how to ascertain the type of glass installed in their home.

The revised leaflets now give examples of markings to look for and what information the markings should contain. This information allows the homeowners to check new and existing glazing for compliance to Building Regulations and EN Product Standards for Thermally Treated Glasses.

The most recent amendments were focused on simplifying the information already provided by making the wording less technical, giving example markings, as well as updating the references to the newest versions.

Both the Laminated Glass and Toughened Glass leaflets will be regularly used by the GGF to send consumers the information they require.

They will also be of great benefit to GGF Members who can distribute them to their customers, which in turn continues to promote their products and services and the importance of security glazing.

Laminated Glass: Safety and Security

This trifold leaflet explains what laminated glass/laminated safety glass is and covers the main types of laminated glass as well as special laminates.

Other areas included are appearance, marking, availability and a list of reasons why customers should choose laminated glass with a guide to the levels of protection laminated glass offers.

It is a popular and useful leaflet for all laminated glass suppliers.

Toughened Glass: Safety and Strength

This handy leaflet explains what toughened glass is and highlights its flexibility for many glazing solutions and systems.

The publication also outlines the mandatory (critical) safety glazing areas where safety glazing materials such as toughened glass must be used by law, in new and replacement glazing applications in all buildings.

In addition the leaflet covers the extensive range of toughened glass and other thermally treated glass as well as process restrictions.

If you manufacture, supply or install toughened glass this is a very useful leaflet to provide to your customers.

Both leaflets can be downloaded from the Publications Section of the GGF website

Hard copies of the leaflets can be purchased from the GGF Shop

Members of the GGF Laminators and Tougheners Groups meet four times per year in London and Birmingham. For more information on these groups and if you wish to attend, please contact

Glass and Glazing Federation(GGF)

The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) is the primary trade association for companies that make, supply or fit flat glass and related products representing more than 60% of the industry’s turnover. As such the GGF is the recognised leading authority for employers and companies within the flat glass, glazing, window, home improvement, plastics and window film industries. This includes double glazing, Energy Efficient Windows, replacement windows, doors, conservatories, applied film, hardware, safety glazing, sealants, fire resistant glass, emergency glazing, decorative glass, secondary glazing, solar control and plastics.

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The GGF is a great promoter of energy efficient glazing and the GGF’s Carbon Calculator enables homeowners and others to see how much money and carbon can be saved by installing new Energy Efficient Windows.

Architects and Specifiers are well supported with a range of literature and professional advisors to assist with all aspects of specification and related issues. GGF Members sign up to the Federation's Code of Good Practice and are vetted before being accepted. A free conciliation service is provided for mediation between customers and supplying member companies when required.

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