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A Lesson in Resilience from Jack Aluminium s TruEnergy Window

“Jack Aluminium’s TruEnergy window is easy to fit, easy to fabricate - it just does what it says on the tin,”says Nick Hundleby, Director at Arcalu Architectural Aluminium.

“We do lots of school projects, and we have always chosen The Jack Door for those jobs because it’s such a solid, robust door that can withstand the knocks and bangs of packs of teenagers, their elbows and their bags!

“When Jack launched the window, we wanted to try it straight away. It offers the same, solid, robust design that’s perfect for schools. The TruEnergy window is now our preferred window system for commercial projects.

“This particular job at Joseph Whittaker School in Mansfield was one of the first projects where we installed the TW70 window. The school was looking very tried when we started. The £400,000 project included replacing windows, doors and cladding to create a cleaner, safer and brighter learning environment.”

Jack Aluminium’s TW70 TruEnergy Window is PAS 24-certified and offers U-Values as low as 1.4 W/m2K with a double-glazed unit. The principles of value engineering mean that the window has fewer components to offer simple, straightforward fabrication and installation.

Sales Manager at Jack Aluminium, Ash Pearson adds:“Projects like this one by Arcalu are the exact kind of jobs the TruEnergy window was developed for and we’re really pleased that the system delivers the easy fabrication and installation that we were aiming for during development.”

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