New Home Visualiser helps installers sell more Solidors

Solidor’s new Home Visualiser is simple, quick and fun!

Premium timber-core composite door manufacturer Solidor has added an exciting new Home Visualiser option to its online Door Designer. The new tool is already proving a great hit with homeowners, who can design their new door online and then see what it looks like on their property. The whole process is intuitively designed and typically takes under two minutes from start to finish. In just a few clicks homeowners can choose the style, colour, glass and hardware of their new Solidor, then upload a picture of their home and drop the door design onto it.

Previously only available as a separate, downloadable app, homeowners can now use it when they’re within the Door Designer. Meanwhile, installers can use it as part of their sales pitch to personalise a door for a prospect, check the style and colour works for a property and email the design to the homeowner.

The Home Visualiser is quick and easy to use and shows homeowners the difference a Solidor can make to their property, helping installers sell more doors.

Solidor installers whose customers are also looking for new or replacement windows can benefit from a similar tool on with the R9 window designer. The two premium product ranges are often sold together as their quality, security and beautiful designs are well-matched.

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