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Make life easy with the Spectus Cavity Closer from Universal Trade Frames

Lee Blower, the owner of LG Blower Specialist Bricklayer Ltd in Shrewsbury is a recognised expert in his profession: he won the Gold medal for Bricklaying at the WorldSkills Olympics and employs over 50 bricklayers in his business. It means that his endorsement of the Spectus Cavity Closer, which he sources from Universal Trade Frames, carries a lot of weight.

The Spectus Cavity Closer fits into the brick or block work as you build and acts as a former, closer, thermal break, insulation and damp proof in one, saving time and money. Using them means there is no need to re-survey for window sizes, no more mistakes when you measure the windows, no more delays, because the windows can be ready in stock for installation and windows simply snap or screw into position for a quick, simple installation.

Lee says he uses the Spectus Cavity Closer because it makes life easy and helps to speed up projects.,em> “We can’t often order dummy frames or cavity formers in advance because we don’t know the size required until the brick bond is taking shape. It means that when we need cavity formers, we need them fast if the project schedule isn’t going to be delayed. By using the Spectus Cavity Closer there are no delays to the project because we don’t need to wait for carpenters and our bricklayers can undertake the installation.”

Lee has been working with Universal Trade Frames for over ten years. In that time, his company has expanded from simply offering brickwork packages to offering complete build packages and Lee has had no hesitation in turning to Universal Trade Frames for support as his business has grown. Today, Lee buys windows, doors and bifolds from the company and appreciate the quality and speed of the supply.

Lee concludes: “As an award-winning company we’re always busy and we can’t afford any delays. At the same time, it’s vital that we maintain our standards so we can maintain our reputation. Universal Trade Frames’ products help us do that.”

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