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Leeds Fine Art Building Reduces Carbon Foot Print with Granada Secondary Glazing

The School of Fine Art – Leeds

The School of Fine Art – Leeds, have invested £7.6M, relocating to a refurbished building, based on University Road. The development was to give students an inspirational learning environment.

The outside of the building showcases large windows which permits a vast amount of natural light aiding the student’s creative passion. Secondary glazing was specified to reduce the carbon footprint of the building and blend in seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

An important feature of the glazing package, was to develop a mechanism that opened both primary and secondary units simultaneously. To maintain total functionality of the primary glazing Granada advised the installation of heritage hinged units which can be easily opened for cleaning and maintenance. The original windows opened from the top, making it difficult for students and lecturers to open the windows for ventilation and cooling the room.

Granada developed a bespoke gearing solution which allows the primary and secondary glazing to be opened simultaneously. A handle placed next to the window allows for easy opening and closing. Please view our short video case study above.

For security reasons, a common request is to have actuator handle installed on the main units. An actuator handle is a removable handle that is installed to prevent unauthorised access/opening of glazed units. These handles were installed on the bottom units to prevent students from opening.

Sewell (contractors for the project) noted “We have all enjoyed working on this project and looking at the finished article is something we are all incredibly proud of and thankful that we have been part of the journey in the next chapter of this building.”

Mike Latham, Commercial Director at Granada mentions “The visual styling of secondary glazing has changed greatly over the last decade. We can design and manufacture slimline units that are unobtrusive and blend in to any environment The key to any project like this, is to fully understand the specification. Once this is achieved we can design a product that is durable and fit for purpose. The main challenge was to develop a bespoke opening system, our in-house product technicians, designed a system which works incredibly well and offers ease of use.”

Granada Glazing worked in partnership with Sewell contractors and Fuse Architects. As a result of product quality, product functionality and Granada’s project management we are pleased to announce that our Heritage Hinged Unit with, bespoke gearing system has been specified again by Fuse for the University of Hull.

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