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Exlabesa s KLS patio door suite delivers what market is looking for

Having an offering that reflects market trends is a fundamental requirement of a successful business and it’s something that aluminium systems company Exlabesa UK has got a reputation for doing. That reputation is being enhanced in its KLS patio door suite. Paul Benn, Exlabesa’s National Sales Manager, comments: “The trend at the moment is for large expanses of glass that give unrestricted views to the outside. In the KLS patio door suite you have a product that delivers what the homeowner wants and is also easy to install, so it delivers what installers need too.”

The KLS patio door suite has been designed to maximise the glazed area, giving the expansive views and slim sightlines that homeowners are looking for. The doors use the K Concept mechanical corner cleat system, a sliding mechanism that allows large panels of glass to move effortlessly, smoothly and quietly, something that makes them a pleasure to use. The system uses a multipoint locking system and is internally beaded to ensure high security levels. Single and dual colour options complete a door suite that offers considerable homeowner appeal.

While the benefits of the KLS patio door system for homeowners are clear, the benefits for fabricators and installers are also numerous. Doors up to 3,300mm x 3,200mm are available, meaning the system is suitable for use in the largest of glazed areas. The system integrates with Exlabesa’s KWS Window Systems, and Curtain Walling System which means it can be specified as part of a total glazed solution. It’s a thermally broken system that meets and exceeds current building regulations. It uses a mechanical corner joint for easy fabrication and features an innovative gasket design for easy glazing. And it’s easy to install too, so it’s a welcome addition to any installers’ portfolio. What’s more, because it’s an Exlabesa system, fabricators and installers will benefit from the company’s strong technical support and customer-focused approach.

Having a portfolio that attracts your target market is vital to the success of your business. By partnering with Exlabesa, not only do you get products that meet market demand you also get the support of one of the country’s most experienced and reliable aluminium systems companies.

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