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Avocet s growth formula

Kevin Harvey, Avocet’s Managing Director

In the toughest market in living memory, sales of the industry’s leading hardware supplier are up on last year and up on budget. In July, Avocet Hardware’s sales were 7.9% ahead of the same month in 2008 and 8.2% ahead of budget. And it’s part of a trend. In the three month period to the end of July 2009, sales were 4.7% ahead of the same period last year and 4.17% ahead of its annual budget.

Avocet’s sales have been buoyed by a raft of successful launches of innovative products such as Datum, the Affinity suite and Phocas friction stays. The Affinity Suite has performed particularly well. In July, sales of Affinity increased 47% compared to June. The range of fully suited window and door handles gives fabricators the best in terms of performance and aesthetics as well as value for money. Avocet’s commitment to innovation will continue in the coming months with further new products set to be launched. Avocet’s aim of producing innovative products that make fabrication easier for customers is paying off.

Managing Director Kevin Harvey says: “We’re extremely pleased with Avocet’s performance in a market which has been heavily affected by the financial downturn. We believe our performance is based on giving customers what they need to win sales and save time and labour. The market is extremely testing but excellent products and excellent service give customers the edge and help them take advantage of the opportunities. Avocet is gaining market share, and with more new and innovative hardware solutions being launched throughout the year we believe our growth will continue.”

Avocet Hardware

Avocet Hardware is once again establishing itself as one of the leading distributors of locks, security products, and window and door furniture in the UK

The company’s Avocet ABS and ATK high security locks feature a unique patented snap secure technology that meets the highest safety standards, with a British Kitemark, TS007 3-star rating, Sold Secure SS312 Diamond standard and Secure by Design accreditations – a combination that no other lock on the market can currently match.

Meanwhile its Affinity window and door hardware range is one of the leading brands in the home window and door security market.

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