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Secondary Glazing Success for Roseview Windows

Tracey Santoriello, Secondary Glazing Manager

The manufacture of secondary glazing has proved a very lucrative alternative revenue stream for leading sash window fabricator Roseview Windows. Roseview offer secondary glazing for any window type and have reported an increase in demand for the product in recent months – so much so that they’ve created a new department, run by Tracey Santoriello and Paul Bygrave, specifically to deal with demand.

Tracey comments: “We’ve never really promoted our secondary glazing service but enquiries continue to flood in, proving there’s clearly very strong demand for this product. Many of our customers operate in the heritage sector and offer secondary glazing in instances where the original windows must be kept intact, such as when working on listed buildings. Secondary glazing is very easy to maintain and offers numerous benefits including the reduction of air leakage and heat loss, and a big improvement in noise.”

Paul describes Roseview’s take on secondary glazing in more detail: “Secondary windows have moved on a lot in recent years, and will cover most requirements where existing windows cannot be changed. We use a very versatile aluminium system which includes horizontal sliders, vertical sliders – balanced and unbalanced and with a modern tilt-in facility - hinged windows, lift-outs, fly screens and static panels. All are available in a wide range of finishes and fixing options. In short, we can make secondary glazing for virtually any type of window.”

Secondary glazing perfectly complements Roseview’s core product range, which includes the Heritage Rose and Charisma Rose, two of the leading uPVC vertical sliding sash windows on the market today.

Heritage Rose is a conservation grade sash window and includes all the key design features associated with timber box sashes including slim sightlines, a deep bottom rail, putty glass lines and astragal bar options. Charisma Rose meanwhile is a contemporary looking vertical slider that is suited to newer properties. It is very easy to maintain, with an inward tilt facility that allows homeowners to clean the window from the inside.

Both windows are available with Roseview’s in-house developed run-through sash horn, a popular option among discerning customers who are looking for a premium uPVC window that closely replicates timber. “Heritage Rose with a run-through horn is ideal for conservation projects but in the instances where the old windows cannot be replaced, our secondary glazing is an ideal alternative” Byron concluded

Roseview Windows

Roseview Windows are specialist manufacturers of uPVC sash windows.

Their product range comprises three models – Charisma Rose, Heritage Rose and Ultimate Rose – which together make up The Rose Collection. All have been designed to replicate timber sash window aesthetics while offering low maintenance and the enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation and security benefits of modern materials and manufacturing techniques.

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