R7 transforms choice for homeowners and installers with 5 beads

R7 offers 5 unique glazing beads

Residence 7 (R7) has turned choice into a major selling tool by offering 5 unique glazing beads that transform the possibilities for homeowners, and installers. The five glazing beads are 28mm Decorative, 28mm Staff, 28mm Square, 44mm Decorative and 44mm Square.

Sarah Hitchings, Sales & Marketing Director of Residence Collection, says: “R7 is gorgeously flush inside and out, designed with the dimensions, detailing and suite of profiles to look fantastic in all sorts of properties - traditional and contemporary, old and new. And it looks perfect, double or triple glazed, so homeowners can choose either and it looks absolutely right for the property. They can have a square bead in double or triple for a stunning contemporary aluminium look on the inside. Or they can choose a unique staff bead that transforms the interior appearance of their rooms and give their home lasting standout appeal.

“Most double-glazed windows are sold with a limited choice of two or three glazing beads so it’s hard to get homeowners too excited,” continues Sarah. “R7 offers 5 glazing beads as standard, so our installers can sell to more homeowners, in more types of homes than most installers, and make more homeowners happy with an imaginative choice that other installers just can’t offer. Little things can make a big difference, and that’s why installers and homeowners love R7!”

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Residence Collection’s four window and door systems are designed to expand installers’ horizons. The Collection includes timber alternatives that bring authentic character to traditional homes, and aluminium alternatives that add a cool, contemporary look to modern homes.

The four Residence Collection systems are Residence 7 (R7), Residence 8 (R8), Residence 9 (R9), and Residence2 (R2). They’re unique, and they’re engineered to make high performance, long lasting windows and doors.